The science of deduction

The science of deduction

Andree sahebi, painter,pianist, writer and detective

آخرین مطالب


delphinim is a plant in the family ranunculaceae . 

native in northern hampshire and high mountains of tropical africa.

all kinds of delephinium are toxic to livestock. all parts of this plant are poisnous, especially the younger parts. 

it contains diterpenoid alkaloids( methyllycaconitine) ande they are poisnous.


atropa belladonna

belladonna or night shade is native to europe, north africa and western asia. 

atropa came from name atropos one of the fates in greek mythology,  and bella donna means beatiful woman in italian.

it contains tropane alkaloids.

datura flower


datura is a kind of plants belonging solanaceae. and they also known as devil's trumpet. they belonging to north america and africa. the datura is a word in hindi.

they contain tropane alkaloids, like hyoscymine, atropine and scopolamine in their flower and seeds.

wolf's bane


aconitum or aconite,or wolf's bane..

 they are native to mountains of the northern hemispher

symptoms will apear less than one hour.

the signs are gastrointestinala, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

peat dirt picture

peat dirt

also called turf peatland plants, catch co2 ftom the peat. it is the most efficient carbon sink on the earth. the peat holds the water. 

phragmites peat are composed of reed grass, phragmites austrails. 

peat materials are hemic, sapric or fibric.

peat can be founded in northern europ, north america, canada, Mackenzie river valley and newzealand.